Our Family Story…



We would like to share our life with you and hopes that in some way it helps in yours….

My husband and I were so happy with our three very special boys but always felt as though our family was not totally complete we decided to try to have another child a few years back and we were so happy to find out I was pregnant. A couple months into the pregnancy we lost the baby and at the time thought that was a sign that we were to be happy with the three amazing children we already had, Tyler, Ryan and Nicholas……..Much to our surprise about a year later we received the good news (on my birthday no less) that we were having another baby! We were all so happy and oh how the boys prayed for a little sister- they said send it back if it is a boy we don’t want another brother!! The day we found out we were having a girl we were all so HAPPY it was a very precious and emotional day for us all!  Brooklyn was due to be born on August 18th 2012 but decided to wait a couple more days to be born on her name sake -her late Aunt Kim’s Birthday August 20th. With all three of the boys I had a really good and quick labor but with Brooklyn she took a little longer and I had to have her by C-section but seeing her for the first time made it all worth while! She was the most beautiful little girl I had ever seen!

Mommy and Brooklyn Just born

Just minutes after she was born the nurse told my husband that she had the characristics of a child with Dwarfism, they were not 100% sure so they would have to run some tests to verify it……When I finally was able to come into the recovery room from surgery the look on my husbands face was pure shock and he was so confused. The first words out of his mouth was “they think there is something wrong with her”…..The emotions I felt as he said those words will be something I will NEVER forget! The next few hours were the best and worst hours of my life……The not knowing what was “wrong” with my beautiful baby girl and the knowing that my beautiful baby girl was finally here- my beautiful baby GIRL! Finally when our pediatrician came in and explained to us what was going on and that we would have to have a bone scan done of Brooklyn to rule out brittle bone disease…WHAT did he just say! We were totally freaking out to say the least…..They thought she either had Brittle Bone Disease or Dwarfism and to be sure we had to have some blood work done and a bone scan done. The next few hours as we waited for the results were tough to say the least but I found myself praying that she was just going to be healthy and praying that she had Dwarfism and not Brittle Bone- When they came in with the results my husband and I were so relieved! Yes I said relieved……


The next few weeks were an emotional roller coaster for us……the feelings and emotions were all over the place, the anxiety of telling the boys, family and friends were overwhelming. When I was feeling a little sad and down I would then begin to feel guilt over feeling sad and down. It seemed as though each minute I had a new emotion! All of these feeling are quite normal Brooklyn’s pediatrician reminded us and he told us something that for us just made sense and made us realize that no matter how “small” Brooklyn may be she is our daughter and she will forever be “BIG” in our hearts! Our pediatrician reminded us that 1 in 25,000 children are born with dwarfism and someone higher up there CHOSE US  out of 25,000 parents to raise her and give her the love and support she needs. We were chosen to be her parents – which made us pretty darn lucky!

Brooklyn has been diagnosed with Achondroplasia (the most common form of dwarfism) and other than being “little” she will be just like you and me. We hope to bring awareness to others on Dwarfism through this blog and also be here for other families going through what we recently went through. So please join us as we take you through the life of the our family!


The Ansbro Family,

David & Melissa

Tyler (AH), Ryan (AH), Nicholas (AH) and Brooklyn (Achon)

19 thoughts on “Our Family Story…

  1. Brooklyn WAS born to the most amazing family!!! I feel so LUCKY to get to be a part of this little baby girls life. She is sure to touch hearts everywhere. She is a BEAUTIFUL, SWEET baby girl and I cannot wait to watch what life has in store for her and her family. I love you Ansbo’s!!! Auntie Kristen loves Brooklyn!!!

  2. What an awesome way to share Brooklyn’s story!! She is gorgeous and we are proud to know her. She will always feel lucky to be cherished by such a loving family! The Ansbros rock!!!!

  3. When God choose your angel, he knew that she had to be special. Brooklyn is with the family that will love her to the end of the earth. That includes the rest of us too. We love you all.

  4. I think Brooklyn is so beautiful, I know there is something very special planned for her as she was chosen to be with such an amazing family. Thanks for sharing as it helps to understand better and keep us posted.. And yes your family sooo rocks, we love you all.

  5. Wow Melissa! I love your blog and am looking forward to reading about your experiences. Your blog will no doubt be a wonderful tool to teach all of us about your beautiful daughter and we will also be able to share all the joy she will bring! What a great idea!-Kay Spires

  6. Beautifully done! Brooklyn is a beautiful baby.She is so blessed to have all of you and for you to have her in your lives. She is very special, and we know she has a special angel watching over her. I love all of you and I’m so proud to be your sister and to have such wonderful nephews and nieces’s! I’m always here for you. Love you all! xoxoxo

  7. Inspiring story, Melissa. You know my niece was born blind and is now married to a great guy. I pray that other parents teach their children kindness towards others and inclusion. So when they see someone who they perceive as “different” they show love and kindness.

    • What a beautiful blog!!!! What an amazing family . I am blessed to be a part of your family and am so proud of each of you. Although I live so far away, each of you are constantly in my thoughts . From the day I met you missy, I knew you were pretty special. This validates that point exactly … You and your beautiful family will touch so many lives with this blog and help in ways no one else can . You all have the heart of gold and I love and miss you all!

  8. I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments….thank you for taking the time to take a look at my blog. I hope that you continue to view the new pages that I post. Please share my blog with friends and family as I want to educate as many people as I can about dwarfism and what better way than through the eyes of our family!!! My goal is to give Brooklyn the best life I can and you can help us by accepting her and her Dwarfism and treating her as would like to be treated and spreading the word to others that may not understand…..Thanks- Love the Ansbro Family!

  9. Thanks for sharing your story. This is one inspirational story that can only motivate and encourage others. You do have one beautiful baby girl and I do believe that God gave you Brooklyn because she is going to feel so much love from you and the family.

  10. What an amazing story from an amazing woman! Of the almost 20 years I’ve known you, you’ve always had the most upbeat outlook on life no matter what was thrown at you. I believe, like you, that God chose you & Dave to be the parents of Brooklyn. What an honor! I know your story will definitely bless others. And you cannot deny the Hand of God has been all over this miraculous story from the beginning! I know BIG things are in store for your family! Grateful to be your friend! Xoxo

  11. Amazing story, Melissa. Brooklyn is beautiful, as is your entire family. I miss seeing you every morning. I hope to meet Brooklyn soon. Lots of love, Lynda

  12. Melissa, The way you have handled Brooklyn’s physical challenges with such grace and courage has truly been an inspiration to me. She is an amazing, beautiful baby girl and I feel very blessed to be a part of her life. Your story will touch many lives.

  13. Thanks for sharing with all of us this beautiful story Melissa!Brooklyn was born into an incredible family.She is exactly where she suppose to be!You and Dave are two of the best people I know.With knowing that,I know Brooklyn is going to be one happy little girl. She’s special,just like the rest of your beautiful family!Love you guys

  14. My Grandaughter, Zoey was born on November 18, 2012. She is a twin. Zoey has Achondroplasia. My daughter loves the little seat Brooklyn is using (shown on your June 18th post). Can you tell us where you got the seat. It looks like something that our Zoey would enjoy and be able to use. We appreciate hearing from you.

    • Greetings! I’m so glad that you took the time to read my blog…..It really helps in dealing with different emotions I have had. The seat we have for Brooklyn we got at Target. It was called a 3 in 1 bumper I believe- Our PT thinks since the seat is more in a seated position than some other bumper seats it is ok for her and her back there isn’t much slouching or curved seating. It is also just the right height for her to practice her sitting.

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